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A protest against the Gaza massacre in California by Jay Knott (11/19/12)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

A Jewish so-called 'anti-Zionist' group had a sign which said

End the Seige on Gaza 
jewish voice for peace 

The idea is, if Israel wants to be seen as a legitimate entity, it needs to change its tactics. Apart from being false (the Israeli prime minister probably knows better than a bunch of Jewish liberals in California), if it were true, it would be worse - Jewish Voice for Peace would be advising apartheid how to survive.

The protesters were allowed to meet a representative of a California congresswoman. He was shocked when I contradicted his assertion that Israel is a strategic asset of the USA. Jewish Voice for Peace was unhappy too.

We told the representative that US politicians always support Israel whatever she does, and he reassured us by claiming that, if Israel carpet-bombed Gaza, his congressperson would stand up in the House and make a big deal about it. Be careful what you wish for - Ariel Sharon's son says Israel should flatten Gaza 'like Hiroshima'.

Thanks to Nahida Izzat for this.

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