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A discussion between Gilad Atzmon and Noel Ignatiev by Jay Knott (02/19/13)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       


From March 2012. I'm critical of Ignatiev, because he is one of those academics who makes a living going on about 'white supremacy', which I think barely exists, compared with Jewish power. But on the other hand, I cited him positively in my article about this phenomenon - he defines Israel as a

“racial state, where rights are assigned on the basis of ascribed descent or the approval of the superior race”

In the blog posting at PM Press listed above, he gives a fair hearing to Gilad Atzmon on the question of whether alleged 'white supremacists' can say anything useful.

It's interesting to see how polite and reasonable Ignatiev is. One can either see this as a reflection of his integrity, or one can be more cynical - this Jewish leftist academic who spends his life trying to divert us into attacking the straw man of 'white supremacy' is on the defensive.

He has a 'purist' attitude toward Atzmon quoting an alleged 'white supremacist', but I wonder if he is equally critical of areas of his own discipline - critical race theory/hate studies/whiteness theory/whatever - which are run by genuine supremacists.

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