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A critique of anti-fascism and a reply by barbara (01/04/10)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)       

Originally the post below was deleted for hate and illiteracy, but after a bit of discussion, we decided to repost it together with Barbara's reply - it doesn't contain threats of violence, and we believe in freedom of speech.

Commie red,homo gay Antifa A.R.A by Skullspitter

Portlands own Antifa.Commie red homo gay mostly jewish.Groups like them and them self are backed by the money and information of the A.D.L.There recruits are homo jew leftist.Strate women that date or are with homosexal gay men.These women run there websites and monitore extremist or anti jew ,pro white or anti gay people on the right.When some one says something  they dont like ,they use there code words to attack them.Call your employer,flyer your neighborhood.The fagwhore women behind there computores use jew commie anarchist street druggies for the zionist fascistsism.Real men are not afraid of the light.The truth is with them.And it doesnt have fellow ship with darkness.They are the rats that flee in the dark ,when the light cometh.These  bunch of fag whore commie leftist are the lowist form of filth.Worth thing that could happen to them would be for them to repent and be saved!God is a awesome God! Jesus is Lord!

To the previous writer: by barbara

With all respect, please learn some decent English grammar and other basic writing skills.  Also, if you intend to attack groups of people, I suggest you be able to document your comments.  At the moment, all I find myself reading is a rant that gives substance to Antifa's complaints.


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